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The ONLY community you can learn Japanese language AND culture

The ONLY effective way to learn a language is to use it! In this community, you can use Japanese with natives on posts, lives, and zoom meetings exploring Japanese culture. 

Sayonara to learning struggles and say hello to NEW fun and effective way to really learn Japanese!


Are you looking for a place to experience and feel Japanese culture AND use the language in the MOST fun, exciting, and effective way?

You have found the right place!

No more unnecessary struggle of learning Japanese😱


Why this community is for you

So, you want to improve your Japanese, let me guess, do you like Japanese culture as well as the language?😏

If YES,  you should learn Japanese language while exploring Japanese culture with Japanese natives!

You had not found the place to do that, but now that you have found us!

What you can get in this community

Do you love Japan but it is not easy to travel at this time? We make it super easy and comfortable for you.

Do you find it hard to learn and use Japanese language? In this community, you can chat and talk with native Japanese members while you experience Japanese culture!

Based in Japan, we hold Japanese cultural events such as, temples and shrine visits, Japanese home meal cooking, Japanese picture book reading, and more.

The most effective and exciting way to learn a language

I, myself have learned four languages and have tried so many different ways of learning languages, but USING the language is the ONLY EFFECTIVE and EXCITING way! 

The difficult part is to find the place where you can use the language, and you have found us!

About me

I’m Taeka. I am Japanese and grew up in Japanese countryside in Yamaguchi prefecture.

After graduating high school, my journey has started ! I lived in Seattle, the US, for two years, and graduated a college there.

Then I lived in Florence, Italy for one year. And then, Paris, France for five years.

I met my British husband, married him, lived in England for one year.

And now,  we raise four children in a Japanese countryside, my hometown, and my life journey continues!

I traveled around the world, hoping to find my blue bird of happiness.

And I have found it in my hometown.

I want to share and find the beauty in this Japanese countryside with you.

And we want to know yours!

You can practice your Japanese intruding yourselves, your local areas, your cultures, and your countries.

Tell us about you, your family, your culture, and your country in English or in Japanese!

For just ¥10,400


¥5,200/month your membership includes:

🇯🇵Unlimited Chats with our Japanese Native Members

🇯🇵Monthly Live Shrine or Temple Visits

🇯🇵Weekly Zoom Conversation Room with Japanese Natives 

🇯🇵Live Weekly Language and Culture Swaps 

🇯🇵Daily Posts to Learn Japanese

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