Elementor #2446

生徒用 FAQ ( Teacher FAQ in English below )



ローマ字入力:名前・ニックネーム・Eメール(後の)・電話番号(最初のゼロ無しで半角入力)誕生日選択 Next→




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・講師を選ぶ:→気になる講師をお選びください Enroll now(今すぐ登録)→

お好きな時間をお選びください:朝・夕方・夜 より選択→

・Pick a pack お好きな料金体系をお選びください:1コイン=1レッスン8分

12ヶ月 300コイン ¥6,200/月x12ヶ月=合計¥74,400

3ヶ月 75コイン ¥8,750/月x3ヶ月=合計¥26,250

1ヶ月 25コイン ¥10,890 

お試しTrial 4コイン ¥980






























【Teacher FAQ】

How to register:Register→ put your name, Nickname, Email ( this will be your Username ) → Verify Email → Decide your password → ○ I agree to the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of ONDEN Finish → Username : Your Email address and enter your password. → Next → Enter your information → Enter About me → Upload your picture → choose ALL your available days : You will need to choose 6 days a week → Choose ALL your available time slots → Enter your PayPal Address : we only accept PayPal account → Choose your interview time : Choose THREE of your available time → Wait for your interview and good luck! 


How do  apply to teach:Follow the registration steps to book your interview! 

What should I do on the interview:We will have a talk if ONDEN is a good match for you! We will give you the training to be our listener. 

How should I get ready for the class:It is crucial that you have an environment where you can concentrate on the students to pay full attention to them. Please be ready before the lessons. Please get dressed properly when the students want a video call. 

What should I do during the class:PAY 100% attention to the students! Nod, and keep encouraging the students! DO NOT get distracted doing other things, or you WILL be reported and loose the position. You are here to pay attention and keep encouraging your students! 

What if the students make mistakes:DO NOT correct their mistakes as it is not your job to correct them but to encourage them however, when the students ask your for advice, and you know the answers, you may give them advices! 

What if the students are very quiet:Keep encouraging them. Some students are very shy at first but they will get used to it! 

How can I change my schedule:When you have booked lessons already. you cannot change your schedule, so please be careful of making schedules.

What if I cannot make it to a lesson:

What if I forgot to provide a lesson:You will get a Call Request from the student, so please return the call, or you will not get your coin. When the call is less than 4 minutes, you will not get a coin. 

How can I get paid:You will get paid to your PayPal account. Payment will be proceed after you have applied for the payment. You will need to pay for the fee so please be careful not tot apply too often for the payment or you will need to pay the fee more often. 

Can my family members or friends provide the lessons for me? : NO! when your friends or family members wish to be our listener, please register and go thought the interview and the training.